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Exclusive: Dr. Ron Paul Issues Alarming Presentation on How U.S. Dollar Will Crash

Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step to Prepare for America’s Next Big Crisis06.02.2015 by Michael Palmer, Stansberry Research

Ron PaulDr. Ron Paul–the former U.S. Presidential candidate and 22-year Congressional veteran–was briefly back in Washington, D.C., recently.WASHINGTON, D.C. ? This is a fascinating story with implications for every American

Dr. Paul was in the nation’s capital to educate Americans on what he believes our country’s next financial crisis will look like.

He says America is on the verge of a real “currency crisis”–the likes of which we have not seen in more than 50 years.

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While in D.C., Dr. Paul announced that he’s found a way for citizens of every political party to prepare, including the specific steps you should take. He released a short video presentation to explain all the details. (You can watch it here.)

Few people in America today have Dr. Paul’s knowledge of the inner workings of both the government and the U.S. financial system?

After all, Dr. Paul spent more than two decades in Congress. He served on the House Banking Committee and the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

He sponsored more than 600 legislative bills. He met with every President of the past 40 years and every Fed Chairman. He spent thousands of hours in top secret, closed-door meetings.

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And Dr. Paul believes a major currency crisis is coming to America? sooner than most people think.

During his recent visit in Washington, he said:

“The way you live, work, travel, retire, and invest in America? everything is going to change. Some of it in ways most people do not expect. This period is going to be particularly tough on seniors and anyone relying on a fixed income, or money from the government.”

“Trouble is coming?please make sure you, your family, and anyone you care about are prepared.”

That’s why Dr. Paul recently worked to help put together a short video presentation that explains the #1 first step every American should take to prepare for America’s next, inevitable crisis.

I strongly suggest you take a look at this fascinating piece Dr. Paul has prepared.

You may have seen many of Dr. Ron Paul’s interviews, speeches, and Congressional testimony over the years?

But I guarantee you’ve never seen him quite like this.

Be sure to check out Dr. Paul’s brand new free presentation, here?



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Shocking Video of Cop Giving Beat Down to “Resisting” Suspect

Body cam video shows jail beating in Federal Heights   YouTubeHere’s shocking, smoking gun evidence of police brutality.

It happened in Federal Heights, CO, a surburb north of Denver.

Officer Mark Magness is shown hauling the suspect from a police car and smashing the suspect’s face into a wall, claiming the suspect is resisting arrest.

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U.S. Government to Outlaw Cash?

U.S. Government Waging “War on Cash”… Cash Soon to Be Outlawed? At Least 1 Nation Moving in that Direction… What You Can Do to Prepare…

The U.S. government views cash – paper currency and coins – as an enemy. How else to explain their ongoing “War on Cash”?

Recently, FBI agents raided a convenience store and took $107,702 right from the owner’s bank account. His alleged “crime”? Making two cash deposits of $11,400 in 24 hours.

This isn’t an isolated case. The FBI has already extensively used civil asset forfeiture laws to seize cash from Americans.

Why the Government Hates Cash

The government hates cash because it’s difficult to control, difficult to track and difficult to tax.

The punishment for “excessive” use of cash takes different forms. On a federal level, it’s civil asset forfeiture – also known as “policing for profit”.

On a state level, legislators have used other methods. Did you know Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed a law that OUTLAWS the use of cash in second-hand transactions?

The New Law That Would Fulfill This “IRS Dream”

In Denmark, they’re considering a law to let stores to reject cash payments.

Some believe this is the first step toward outlawing cash and creating a “cashless society” – thus enabling complete government control over money, including how and when it’s spent.

This could happen right here in America. In fact, Ron Paul has already warned, “The cashless society is the IRS’s dream: Total knowledge of, and control over, the finances of every single American.”

How You Can Sidestep These Anti-Cash Measures

Act now BEFORE the U.S. government outlaws cash: That’s why I strongly encourage you to get out of cash and into gold.

Gold has been a recognized form of money for thousands of years, and will likely be easier to keep gold out of the clutches of greedy government goons.

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Peter Reagan
Birch Gold Group

Last Thing: As the U.S. government gets increasingly desperate, they will take desperate measures – including a possible ban on cash. Don’t get caught unprepared. Request Your FREE Info Kit on Gold Now.

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The Currency that May Replace the USD as Soon as this October

Global Reset “Imminent” Warns Acclaimed Author… It Could Happen as Soon as This October… The New Financial System Will Be Built on This…

The U.S. government is on the verge of bankruptcy. They have run up a debt that cannot be repaid, and now must create new dollars to meet their obligations. In other words, they’re trying to fix the debt problem by inflating the currency.

Of course, anybody with some common sense knows this won’t work. Renowned financial analyst and author of The Big Reset, Willem Middelkoop, says:

A system reset is imminent. There are only two options: a financial reset planned well in advance, or a hastily implemented one on the back of a dollar crisis. And it is likely gold will be reintroduced as one of the pillars of this next phase…”

Will the Global Reset Begin in October 2015?

The U.S. dollar is fast losing its position as the world’s reserve currency. And it appears that the Chinese Yuan will soon become the new world reserve currency.

WHY? This October, the IMF will review the currencies included in its SDR currency basket. Regarding including the Yuan, IMF Chief Christine Lagarde says, “It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.”

China has been preparing for this moment for many years. This is why they’ve been buying up hundreds of tons of gold. In other words…

The U.S. Dollar Is on Its Way Out… and Gold Is on Its Way In

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This comprehensive, 16-Page “Insider’s” Kit reveals how Gold:

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  • Protects in times of uncertainty, and
  • Offers tremendous growth potential

The next financial crisis could happen anytime – request your free info kit now!


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Peter Reagan
Birch Gold Group

Last Thing: Many experts believe gold will form the backbone of the new financial system. Don’t you think you should have some? Request Your FREE Info Kit on Gold Now – while you still can.

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Someone with the Guts to Say It- Epic Army Officer’s Facebook Rant

5684115572_55bc83414f_bFinally, someone with the guts to stand up and blast all the nonsense about political correctness.

All this whinning and outrage about being offended is pathetic and offensive.

Finally, U.S. Army Officer Jorban M. Thompson had enough. So, he hopped on Facebook and shared his rant with the world.

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Flabbergasting Story: One Vet’s Maddening Battle to Live Off-Grid on His Own Land

2393545655_403d9b7388Little did Tyler Truit know that after fighting to protect his country, he’d return home to fight another battle…

All Tyler wants is to live free on his own land.

Truitt opted to provide power, water, and waste removal for his home using solar power, rainwater collection, and composting.

The city of Huntsville, AL claims not hooking up to the city’s ultilies makes Truit’s property a danger to the public.

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Don’t Back Your Car into Your Driveway in This City – or the Cops Will Come After You

Mitsubish_Galant_Yellow_on_a_drivewaySo you live along a busy street.

Your neighbors parallel park along the street in front of your home.

Backing out of your driveway is tricky since it’s tough to spot an opening in the traffic to back out, stop, and jam your car into drive.

Seems smart, makes sense, safety first… but if you live in Jacksonville, the driveway parking police will slap you with a $50 fine.

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Ex-Baltimore Cop’s Tweets Reveal Disgusting Police Corruption and Brutality

Logo_of_the_Baltimore_Police_DepartmentLooks like Sgt. Michael A. Wood Jr. compared notes with Ed Burns, the ex-Baltimore homicide detective who co-wrote many of the episodes of The Wire.

Wood, also formerly of the Baltimore Police Department, aired stunning instances of police brutality and corruption on Twitter.

The Huffington Post captures his Tweets and the subsequent responses from Wood and the Baltimore Police Department.

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You’ll Never Guess Who Calls for Repeal of 2nd Amendment

3021352806_2bec9d11f2_zWhat’s the answer to stopping gun violence in America?

Liberals will, of course, say we must repeal the Second Amendment and take guns away from everybody. We expect that.

But we don’t expect a GOP strategist like Karl Rove to suggest the same thing.

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Revealed: Big Changes Looming for American Retirees

Looming White House Financial Crisis Could Erupt In 2015?05.30.2015 by Mike Palmer, Stansberry Research


No one believed Porter Stansberry six years ago.

As head of one of America’s largest independent financial research firms, Mr. Stansberry’s work back in 2008 led him to a bold, but worrisome, conclusion:

That the world’s largest mortgage bankers–Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which at the time were responsible for nearly 50% of all the mortgages in America–would soon go bankrupt.

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In fact, in June of 2008, while their stock prices were still trading at well over $20 per share, Stansberry published a report to his customers titled: “Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Are Going to Zero.”

Inside this report, Stansberry explained:

“For those of you who don’t work in the financial industry, it might be hard for you to immediately grasp what’s so dangerous about the extreme amount of leverage employed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Let me explain exactly what Fannie and Freddie do and why they’re in so much jeopardy…”

We all know what happened next.

Both agencies went bust–and if not for a bailout from the Federal Government, both would have declared bankruptcy.

Barron’s–America’s second biggest financial newspaper–even wrote a story about Mr. Stansberry’s accurate prediction short, and called it “remarkably prescient.”

Over the years, Mr. Stansberry has made a name for himself by accurately predicting the biggest and most important collapses in America.

A few of the others he’s accurately identified well in advance include: General Motors, General Growth Property (America’s biggest mall owner), D.R. Horton (a homebuilder), and Gannett newspapers, to name just a few.

Stansberry also predicted the recent collapse of oil and natural gas prices as early as 2010, when he wrote a report titled: “Peak Oil is a Flat Lie.”

Well, now Mr. Stansberry has issued another fascinating warning, about a new and looming bankruptcy.

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As Mr. Stansberry writes:

“No one believed me years ago when I said the world’s largest mortgage bankers would soon go bankrupt.

And no one believed me when I said GM would fall apart… or that the same would happen to General Growth Properties.

But that’s exactly what happened.”

And, he says, that brings us today…

Stansberry says the next big bankruptcy in America will be even bigger than those he’s identified in the past. In fact, he says this looming bankruptcy will threaten your way of life, whether you own any investments related to it or not.

This collapse, says Stansberry, will change everything about our normal way of life: where you vacation… where you send your kids or grandkids to school… how and where you shop… the way you protect your family and home.

I strongly encourage you to check out Mr. Stansberry’s recent write-up on this situation.

You can access his full analysis, free of charge, on his company’s website, right here