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Will IMF ruling crush USD?

An alarming new global currency rule is rumored to be going into effect this Fall.

On October 20th of this year, the IMF (the most powerful banking organization in the world) is expected to announce a decision that could drastically impact the U.S. dollar and its use worldwide.

This is a huge, huge story… which has barely received the attention it deserves in the mainstream press.

If you own U.S. assets– stocks, bonds, real estate, or just cash in the bank… basically anything priced in U.S. dollars– you must be aware of what could be a huge upcoming announcement.

Again, it’s coming this October.

Please keep in mind: This is a once-in-a-lifetime situation, in which billions of dollars could literally begin shifting around the globe, practically overnight.

If it plays out the way experts say it could, I guarantee it will affect you, your family, and your money.

That’s why I asked Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, one of the world’s foremost currency experts, to explain the situation.

Dr. Sjuggerud has worked for hedge funds, mutual funds, and private research firms. He’s invested all over the globe. He’s been sought out by CNBC, Bloomberg, and most major financial channels for his views.

He describes how it is all likely to play out, on his website, right here

P.S. Even the British government, probably our strongest ally, has taken a bold step to prepare for what could be a historic announcement. Get the facts here.

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Obama Exposed for Executing Innocent American Citizen Abroad

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 5.02.47 PMDespite winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, Obama has continued to grow America’s military and contribute to the untimely deaths of hundreds of thousands a year.

Worse yet, he’s killing innocent Americans without repercussion.

In what was supposed to be a targeted drone strike, Obama green-lighted the untimely deaths of both an American aid worker along with his Italian colleague.

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Presidential Candidate Rand Paul Accuses Federal Reserve of Leading America Down Same Path to Collapse as Roman Empire

Sen. Rand Paul Sen. Rand Paul officially began his bid for the Oval Office in early April.

Already, he’s setting his sights on America’s return to prosperity, a true economic boom for all Americans.

One thing that Paul didn’t mention in his formal announcement but has supported in the past — is an audit of the Federal Reserve …

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BREAKING: Pentagon Insider Reports Collapse of International Monetary System Now Imminent

If you are at all concerned about the U.S. dollar or you own any assets (like stocks or bonds) priced in it, then an urgent new warning from Jim Rickards is worth paying attention to.

Mr. Rickards is well-known as a New York Times best-selling author and from his TV appearances, but his experience actually spans 35 years on Wall Street, and he still manages a hedge fund now.

Less well-known is his extensive work within the government, where he’s been an adviser to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees the NSA, the CIA and 14 other U.S. intelligence agencies.

He’s considered the world’s foremost expert on global banking and world currencies, and he’s predicting a collapse of the international monetary system that will ultimately lead to the death of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

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Video Shows US Marshall Using Textbook Muslim Intimidation Technique Against Woman

32509054_sA recent video shows a US Marshall doing the unthinkable to a bystander.

While she videotapes the police, a US Marshall ambushes her and destroys her phone.

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Catholic Priest Grilled by Superiors, But Not for the Reason You’d Expect

13044011_sCatholic Priests have been in hot water for a number of years owing to their systematic abuses of little children.

Good, anytime abuse like that happens it should be punished.

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Leaked Documents Show National Guard Was Ready to Do This to Citizens in Ferguson

The maelstrom of Ferguson might seem like a distant memory. Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.02.34 AM

When riots broke out in the streets of the St. Louis suburb police and National Guard were dispatched to help quell the violence.

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Alert: California Issues Emergency Fishing Ban During Mysterious “Fish Collapse”

7507341_sThe meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plant happened a little over 4 years ago.

At first, it was speculated the fallout would be catastrophic.

But within a few months the world moved on and forgot about the hundreds upon thousands of gallons of nuclear waste spilling out into the sea.

Now it appears the full effects of the meltdown are beginning to be noticed, and it does not look good.

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“I’m fearful of a collapse” — 12-term Congressman

RON1I recently sat down in Washington, D.C., for an exclusive interview with Dr. Ron Paul. 

You may have seen interviews with Dr. Paul in the past, or perhaps you’ve watched his testimony in front of Congress…

But I guarantee you’ve never seen Dr. Paul quite like this.

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Cop Says, “F*** Your Breath” to Downed Suspect, But It’s Who Killed Him that Will Blow You Away

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.47.01 PMYou would think police officers would know the difference between their firearm and their taser.

Truth is most do, so it’s not much of an issue.

But what happens when there’s a “pretend cop” running a SWAT sting with the police who doesn’t know the difference?

Well, you end up with a dead suspect.