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Was the Shoot-Down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 a False Flag?

From the moment Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 hit the ground, American politicians began pointing fingers at Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

John Bolton said, “We’ve got to begin to treat Russia like the adversary that Putin is currently demonstrating it to be.”

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Mysterious White Flags Appear Over Brooklyn Bridge

On Tuesday, July 22, two ordinary American flags that normally fly atop the Brooklyn Bridge were stolen and replaced with two white American flags.

In close-up pictures, you can see the stars and stripes on the faded white flags.

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Growing Number of Investors Say, “This Bubble’s Gotta Pop”

In a recent interview with Peter Schiff, news anchor Sandra Smith said:

Well, I’m starting to wonder if the tune really is changing because ordinarily I would say that a majority of our guests on set would be saying ‘guess what, you’ve gotta continue to buy the stock market,’ but all of a sudden I feel like we have a lot of guests this morning who are saying ‘this bubble’s gotta pop, the stock market’s gotta go lower.’ It’s starting to sound like the consensus is we’re tapping out.

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Florida Widow Thrown in Jail for Living “Off the Grid”

Robin Speronis

A few months ago we reported on a story where a widow in Florida was being threatened with eviction by local officials for living off the grid.

Well, the story just took a turn for the worse as Robin Speronis has been arrested on trumped-up charges about her refusal to comply with totalitarian community laws. The officials threw Speronis in the slammer for a month without warning, even taking her dogs from her.

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Cop Shoots & Kills “Aggressive Tortoise”

America has a new sad statistic.15735129_s

Every 98 minutes somewhere in America a police officer shoots a dog. Sometimes the shooting is warranted, but most of the times it isn’t.

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NYPD Chokes 400-lb Man to Death… for Breaking Up a Fight (VIDEO)

NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo put 43-year-old Eric Garner in a rear naked choke, ultimately killing the father of six in the span of a few minutes. Before he died, Garner can be heard saying, “I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.”

Garner’s crime? Breaking up a fight.

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Senior Border Patrol Agent: “Immigrants Have Deadly Diseases We Haven’t Seen in Years”

13789573_sVice President of the Border Patrol Union Chris Cabrea reported to Fox News there are thousands of immigrants coming across the border who carry a host of deadly disease that could eventually lead to outbreak in the U.S.

According to Cabrea, these dangerous diseases are the kinds Americans haven’t had to deal with in decades.

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Cop Assaults Paraplegic Man in Wheelchair – Keeps Job Anyway (VIDEO)

Cop Attacks Paraplegic ManA police officer in Lafayette, Indiana was caught on camera assaulting a wheelchair-bound man who had just received a ticket for trespassing.

Though the incident happened over nine months ago, video footage of the incident recently surfaced and shows the brutality leveled at the victim.

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U.S. Dollar on Last Leg – Here’s Proof

12555370_sWhat few Americans know, and what even fewer care about, is that more dollars are used outside of the United States than inside of it… primarily for the purpose of buying and trading oil.

This a position the United States government was able to set up decades ago, and one we guard at all costs, since the creation of the “petrodollar” is what has afforded us our amazing lifestyle.

And now that position is in very real danger of collapsing

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New “Dragonfly” Virus Could Take Down Power Grid with 1 Click

8820091_sThe threat of a cyber-terrorist attack on U.S. energy companies is very real according to the cyber security firm Symantec.

Symantec warns of the new “Dragonfly virus,” which comes out of Eastern Europe. This malware virus has the power to utterly ruin large swaths of the electric grid should it manage to infect a power company’s computer systems.

The virus — which targets energy grids, major electricity generation firms, petroleum pipelines operators, and energy industrial equipment providers — has been around since 2011 and has already affected thousands of organizations in over 84 countries.