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by Walt G | Conspiracy TheoriesGovernment Overreach

Get Off My Yard- Obama Boots Cancer Kids

WhiteHouseSouthFacadeSo what beef does Obama have with kids?

Especially kids with cancer?

by Walt G | Free ThinkingGovernment Overreach

Native American 2nd Grader Yanked From School- You Won’t Believe Why

3424913572_67cf1a0860_oSo a 7-year old kid rolls into his second grade classroom.

He’s sporting a new backpack.

And a fresh haircut.

And that’s where he went wrong.

by Walt G | Guns

Try Not to Lose It When You Realize ALL The Gun Violence Facts Liberals Ignore

1355718445_b4cce5e319_oLiberals have a strange relationship with the truth. They find it easy to ignore the facts.

They are pros at misrepresentation, mislabeling, and emotional outbursts to deny reality.

by Walt G | Guns

The ONE Thing That Makes Obama’s Gun Grab Plea Ridiculous

obamaAnother shooting in a gun-free zone.

Another school shooting.

Yet again, we get to witness President Obama’s outrage and politicizing the event.

by Walt G | Social Disorder

Mom Kicked Out of Sporting Goods Store- The Horrifying Reason Why

bathroom-150273_640So how would you handle this situation?

You take your 12-year-old daughter to the local big box outdoors and sporting goods store.

Your daughter needs to use the restroom.

While your daughter and friend are in the women’s restroom, a man enters and also uses the restroom.

by Walt G | Free Thinking

WARNING: Call a Woman “Pregnant”- Even If She Is, You’re a Hater

14390-illustration-of-a-pregnant-woman-silhouette-pvHere’s the whole idea of political correctness gone completely off the rails.

Be careful what you say. Even if it’s true, you could be practicing “hate speech”.

by Walt G | Government OverreachPolice State

Beware: This Radical Police Program Could Make You a Person of Interest

assassination-attempt-268912_640Have you watched the TV program, Person of Interest?

It’s a show about how a billionaire computer genius designed a data system to predict when terrorist acts and crimes are about to happen.

Is it Hollywood fiction… or is it real?

by Walt G | Conspiracy TheoriesGovernment Overreach

Guess Who Wants to Now Watch Every Move You Make Online

unThe NSA is watching us.

Homeland Security is tracking our movements and actions. The FBI, CIA, local governments and who knows who else keeps an eye on all of us.

And now, someone else wants in on the spying.

by Walt G | Guns

School Takes Stance on Guns- Liberals’ Heads Will Explode

gun-free-zoneOnce again, there’s lots of debate about how to our kids safe in schools.

Liberals immediately call for gun control.

They claim they want “sensible” gun control. No they don’t.

by Walt G | Government Overreach

The Pope and Obama NEVER Mentioned This Atrocity

11143558846_5731ff9b46_bRecently Pope Francis made a three city, whirlwind tour of the United States.

He addressed Congress. (the first Pope to ever do this)

The Pope, and President Obama, had plenty to say about Climate Change and economic inequality.

Yet, neither mentioned ONE word of this atrocity currently happening in the Middle East..