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OUTBREAK: First Ebola Case Confirmed in Dallas, TX

A Dallas hospital has confirmed the first case of Ebola diagnosed inside the U.S. The patient is in quarantine, but we could see more cases soon.

As of September 30th, a Dallas hospital has confirmed the first case of Ebola diagnosed inside the U.S. According to USA Today:

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Union vs. Scott Walker


I thought the Union-led recall campaign against me would be my toughest race – I was wrong.

A new independent poll shows I’m in a TIE with my Democratic opponent for re-election.

And it’s because national unions and a dozen liberal Super PACs are planning to outspend conservatives. I won’t be able to survive, and win this key swing state, without your support.

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NYPD Slams Pregnant Woman to Ground Belly-Down

The NYPD have a pretty bad reputation. For example, see here, here, and here.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like they NYPD is doing anything to improve their image. In fact, they’re continuing to do things that make ordinary civilians like them even less.

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Strange Update to “American Stonehenge” Stokes Fears of Mass Genocide

Georgia GuidestonesAccording to Infowars, “The mysterious Georgia Guidestones, which some see as an elite manifesto for neo-eugenics and population reduction, have received a strange 2014 update.”

As Paul Joseph Watson explains, some see this update as a warning of a soon-coming mass depopulation that could only be accomplished through genocide.

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With Obama’s Illegal Attack on Syria, the March Toward World War 3 Continues


Late on September 22, 2014, Obama began bombing Syria to “destroy ISIS.”

Never mind that Obama had not gotten permission from Congress nor made an official declaration of war. This was another unilateral decision made by Obama in direct violation of multiple laws.

Daniel McAdams reports:

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Thousands of Protesters Flood Wall Street to Stop Capitalism and Climate Crisis, 100+ Arrested

Flood Wall Street

I had not heard of the #FloodWallStreet protest until this morning. It’s trending on Twitter as I write this.

According to organizers, the purpose of the protest is to “Stop Capitalism. End the Climate Crisis.”

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Why Is Suspected Cop Killer Eric Frein Being Called a “Survivalist”?

Eric Frein SurvivalistLast Friday night, September 12, Pennsylvania policeman Cpl. Bryon Dickson was shot and killed by an unseen sniper. A second cop, Trooper Alex Douglass, was shot and critically wounded while trying to help Dickson.

While I’m sure this story got local coverage immediately following the incident, it didn’t get national attention until early this morning as reports emerged that there had been an all-night manhunt for the alleged killer who still remains at large.

The suspected killer’s name? Eric Frein. He’s a 31-year-old man who lived with his parents in Canadensis, Pennsylvania.

Here’s how NBC News reported on this story. Pay attention closely to the wording they’ve chosen to use…

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Judge Nap: U.S. More Totalitarian than Its Cold War Enemies

Judge Andrew NapolitanoAre Americans more or less safe now than they were on 9/11? A poll on Fox News found that by a slight margin Americans feel they are less safe today.

A special report panel including Judge Andrew Napolitano, Charles Krauthammer, and Juan Williams came together on September 11 to discuss this question.

But what Judge Nap said took them all by surprise…

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Volcano Shock Wave Rocks Boaters (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 4.05.37 PMA few weeks ago, a very small volcano erupted off of the coast of Papua, New Guinea.

When Mount Tavurvur erupted, the shock wave could be clearly seen sweeping down the side of the volcano. Luckily, a person on a boat caught the whole thing on video.

But the most impressive feature of the video is not the appearance of the shock wave, but rather its sound. It hits the boat 13 seconds after the eruption and sounds like a bomb exploding.

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Undeniable Proof of Chemtrails? (VIDEO)


The idea that the government tries to change weather patterns is not new. The process of seeding clouds to increase precipitation has been public knowledge for a long time.

But could the government be spraying chemicals to alter weather patterns in a negative way… for example, to create drought? Or could they be intentionally spraying chemicals that are harmful to human health?